It’s time we develop and re-establish offline relationships with people and our neighbors. Here are 10 things we can do….

1. Learn to lessen our social media; move away from bias memes.
2. Go out to re-energize close relationships with neighbors, etc..
3. Speak and greet others when entering an elevator.
4. Do not allow a negative conversation to become our only education
5. Do not join, entertain, or encourage a negative conversation.
6. State facts instead of subjective thoughts.
7. Be your true self with everyone, let your interstellar shine!
8. Be helpful to others around you.
9. Have meaningful dialogue about faith with someone of another faith.
10. Treat others how you prefer to be treated.

These 10 suggestions can grow into a bigger list of great deeds. Please add another idea or icebreaker that would create stronger relations between one another.

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