Health, Security, and Protection ~ for All.  A new year brings opportunity and more accountability for our work in Southern California and expansion for grassroots impact through Humanitarian Day Africa.
Today’s message will provide with you an activity update for 2021 and ILM’s vision for 2022. We are focused on reviving, sustaining, and creating new relationships. We were able to accomplish the following deeds and meaningful work in 2021.
  1. In collaboration with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Homeless Division and the A-Mark Foundation, we generated a 90-day employment program for the Skid Row Brigade, which is a workforce made of Skid Row’s residents and activists.
  2. I.L.M. Foundation was deemed as an essential organization, by the City of Los Angeles. We distributed over 3,000 hygiene items and masks, to Los Angeles unhoused residents, encampments, and group homes.
  3. In Ramadan (May 2021) Humanitarian Day Action (a redesign for covid) met its commitment to serve unhoused communities with community partners in Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and Long Beach by directly delivering essential gifts during the pandemic. We thank all the volunteers and organizations who strengthened the new model.
  4. We mobilized Muslims leaders, to engage Los Angeles’ interfaith community and Jewish organizations, to discuss our safety and understanding in Los Angeles, especially after international incidents occur.
  5. We organized, facilitated, and engaged the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Division for a successful outcome. This action, we discussed recent police patrols in Service Area 6 (Slauson and Crenshaw Muslim community,) and how our rights were not being observed.
Our vision for 2022, is to help convene community leaders to discuss and assess the “needs and values” of the Muslim community. In doing so, we have initiated the following steps…
  • Imams, leaders, and organizations from Southern to Northern California are having 1-2-1 dialogues. These are first steps in listening, learning, and exploring our untapped potential at building-a-voice; for powerful sustainability and organizations that represent our interests.
  • Join the “Go Beyond the Salaams” listening campaign, to strengthen and inspire more community building.
  • Humanitarian Day Action is scheduled to continue helping the unhoused and families going through hardship, in Southern and Northern California sites. The Weekend of April 23, 2022.
  • Inspire, train, and develop new leadership with ILM workshops, based on community accountability and more. Call us and let’s make it happen.
We are thankful to all Community Partners and Volunteers. You have assisted I.L.M Foundation over the years with your time, valuable advice, and financial resources. We are grateful for the trust given to us, at facilitating meaningful work!
Happy New Year #InspireChange2022
I.L.M Foundation’s mission is to teach life skills to economically underprivileged youth and adults, so that social ills are replaced with opportunities for intellectual and economic empowerment.