The culture of ILM Foundation requires the persistent pursuit of knowledge, faith, vision, selfless service and courage. ILM’s logo includes a globe of the world, which symbolizes the founding members’ aspiration to think and work globally. In 2007, Shaykh Ayub S. Haroun, founder of ILM Institute, took Naim Shah Jr. on ILM’s first international humanitarian trip to Accra, Ghana.

In Ghana, Shaykh Ayub is a very highly respected figure. He is the founder of the Bureau of Social Services (BSS), a registered governmental organization established in 1991. By accompanying Shaykh Ayub S. Haroun on this trip, ILM was able to visit and learn about the core of Ghanaian society. The multiple stories from families living in and overcoming poverty added deeper insights on how we could best serve this new population. ILM met with leaders from the youth, religious, government and business sectors, and ILM was featured on a cable TV program highlighting the results of our first visit and overall assessment of Ghana. After this heartfelt experience, ILM was convinced that Ghana would become its main international humanitarian center.

During the trip, ILM signed a memorandum of understanding with BSS to provide humanitarian services focusing on health, education, emergency relief, structural support, and transportation. Today in Ghana, the entire community embraces ILM’s presence, Ghana’s political and economic climate is very stable, and there is an emerging middle class. All of that gives ILM Foundation the confidence that developing a definite pathway out of poverty for those citizens who are determined and willing to work hard is possible.


In 2006, ILM Foundation participated in a diplomatic trip to Indonesia and Malaysia coordinated by the US State Department. In Indonesia, ILM visited historical sites, universities, businesses, and the US embassy. Rizka Pramadita was one of the interpreters during the trip. One day of the trip, ILM visited a local orphanage of children whose parents died in the 2004 Tsunami. The experience produced tears and deep reflection. Two years later, Rizka Pramadita visited ILM Foundation at Masjid Ibaadillah in Los Angeles, and decided after the visit to start holding Humanitarian Day in Indonesia. Today, Humanitarian Day is becoming an institution in Indonesia, and is a platform for college students to gain valuable civic engagement experience and leadership training. The services provided include micro business training, consultation, health services and therapy for disaster victims.