Ramadan, a time when the Muslim community fast for 30 days during the sunlight hours. A pious action that seeks to revive, renew, and restore one’s personal spirituality, families, and communities with a Divine Will for Good. The Creator says, “Ramadhan is the month In which was sent down The Qur-an, as a guide To mankind, also clear (Signs) For guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong.)

Over the last 17 years, Humanitarian Day with your help has provided a social responsibility that “enjoins what is right and forbids what is wrong.” This daily, monthly, and yearly action exemplifies a commitment, that supports our communities and those in people transition and/or homeless.

The ILM Foundation extends an invitation to volunteers, organizations and institutions who would like to share resources for humanitarian projects, this Ramadan 2016! Together we are the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity…

So please share this invitation throughout social media, and encourage support for this organization to continue its push for Social Responsibility ~ Like us at Facebook.com/humday or Click here #GoFundME.

Event Dates and Locations

  • June 25th Central Park near the Del Mar Metro Station ~ Pasadena, Ca. Coordinated by La Canada Community and Masjid Al Taqwa
  • July 2nd Santa Ana Civic Center Santa Ana, Ca. Coordinated by Orange County Islamic Foundation
  • July 2nd Union Park in Oakland, Ca. Coordinated by Mu’eed Inc.
  • July 3rd Downtown LA
    17th Annual #HDAY
    [DTLA Volunteer Form] or here
  • Prison In-Reach for Women’s Eid celebration coordinated by Masjid Al Shareef
  • July 1st Norton Younglove Community Center
    459 Center St, Riverside, California 92507

    Coordinated by the Sahaba Initiative

For more information, email us here and please follow us on Twitter @ilovemercy

Thank You for An Opportunity to Serve!