Approaching Ramadan and Humanitarian Day 2016

Ramadan, a time when the Muslim community fast for 30 days during the sunlight hours. A pious action that seeks to revive, renew, and restore one's personal spirituality, families, and communities with a Divine Will for Good. The Creator says, "Ramadhan is the month In which was sent down The Qur-an, as a guide To [...]

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What is Solidarity to you?

Do you think about the rights of others, when you think about your own civil liberties? Have you considered other marginalized narratives? These are questions for today's grassroots and what national organizations should contemplate with their base. "Leadership" has many different meanings and contexts to many leaders. Just as an activist, a community organizer, or [...]

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Press Release: Safety through Service Dec 19th

DOWNLOAD PRESS RELEASE South LA Muslims, Civic Leaders Team Up to Deliver ‘Safety through Service’ on Saturday (Los Angeles - 12/16/15) -- Gang violence in South L.A. is on the rise, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that it has spiked 11% since last year. In September, local activists, organizations, urban media publications, and community [...]

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Dec 19th HDAY South Los Angeles #plsSupport

  "Safety through Service" Los Angeles County has been declared as a state of emergency in recent months, for increased homelessness (up 12%) and for local gang violence. The ILM Foundation is an active community organizer with the Safe Community Initiative, which is a coalition of South Los Angeles activists and grassroots organizations, since August [...]

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HDAY Monthly Direct Service

Humanitarian Day (HD) Monthly Direct Service Every last Sunday of each month, we continue HDAY’s monthly direct service in Downtown Los Angeles – Skid Row community. Our target is to serve 75-150 residents with a fresh meal, water, and hygiene products. Volunteers such as Temple of Hollywood and USC Ansaar Service Partners, both have sponsored [...]

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Thank You Very Much!

Thank You for An Opportunity to Serve! The ILM Foundation​ and the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity held the 16th Annual Humanitarian Day​ and its Weekend events throughout Northern and Southern California (July 10-12th.) Together we encoutered some incredible stories, gain a sense for more social responsibility, and hopefully made a transformational difference in the [...]

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#HDAY Here is What You Need to Know!

#HDAY VOLUNTEER INSTRUCTIONS In the spirit of Ramadan's message of fasting, reflecting and giving, may we all work together to maximize the good we can do and positivity we can create together today! Here's what you need to know: Arrival & Parking - Please plan to arrive by 8:00am and check in at the registration [...]

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Open Free Health Clinics in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The green covered mountains separated by breathtaking natural waterfalls seem like descriptions of paradise. Along with such intense beauty, it has endured catastrophic disasters. The resilience of its people to rebuild is remarkable but not without challenges. Humanitarian Day Indonesia's (HDI) director, Rizka Pramadita, [...]

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Humanitarian Day Morocco

Dire need can often go undetected for months or even years. It is assumed a smile reflects happiness, but in some cases it is a social habit to hide shame. In Morocco, the main safety net from poverty is family. According to UNESCO 2014 international education report, Morocco ranked 143 among 164 countries. Also, a [...]

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