The #ILMfoundation has been patiently waiting to launch this site. Since 1998, our web presence has been without a solid online representation. We are ready to create an online awareness, for the work the organization is known by. First time hearing about us no problem, then let us offer a little background information… I.L.M. is [...]

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2015 HDAY Locations

Humanitarian Day, for the last 16 years has inspired direct service during the month of Ramadan. Over a decade of service sharing "dignity, love, and respect" by providing medical screenings, hygiene kits, fresh foods and new clothing for those living on Northern and Southern Californian streets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH97XiCDNXs LAST 10 DAYS CONTACT July 10th Inland [...]

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Learn About #HDAY

What is Humanitarian Day? #HDAYs are direct service events of active charity. Where Muslims and an interfaith social network as the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD) share resource during the month of Ramadan. Providing free health screenings, food, blankets, new clothing, toys, specialty items, hygiene and back to school kits to those in need. [...]

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