For the last 10 years, faith based communities in Altadena and La Canada have joined together for humanitarian outreach in the City of Pasadena. Faith based leaders, ministries, and local good doers are no longer encouraged to serve homeless human beings in Pasadena’s Central Park.

Local leaders Jihad Shakoor and Levent Akbarut, coordinators of “Humanitarian Day in Pasadena” were both denied access, for a scheduled effort to have happened on Saturday May 25th.

Over the years, the former police command would endorse and assure patrolled coverage and police-presence while intra-interfaith communities would distribute hygiene kits and snack lunches, with other necessary donated items. These items are donated, for the sustainability of someone suffering homelessness. Consequently, recent rent hikes in the nation and few non-technology employment is now creating an American crisis ~ Homelessness!

On Thursday May 23rd –  City of Pasadena’s management and pressure from the local NIMBYs (Not In My Backyard) community, both denied access to Central Park.

This yearly effort is forced to scale down its efforts. We apologize to volunteers and stakeholders for this surprise decision made by Pasadena’s City Officials and NIMBYs, after having notification of efforts, weeks in advanced.

In any case, the CPHD (Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity) of Pasadena, will redesign its effort; so it can better serve homelessness in Pasadena for 2020. We asked for your prayers and encouragement for Pasadena’s local leaders and volunteers who were looking to Convert Charity into  “Awareness, Advocacy, Action” for Pasadena’s homeless issues.


ILM (Intellect-Love-Mercy) Foundation