The mantra of ILM Foundation’s mission is to “teach life skills, to replace social ills.” Help ourselves and others to develop core values (skills, values, interests) that will help an individual and/or create sustainability and livelihood. In October 2019, ILM Foundation’s Director (Umar Hakim Dey) met with Skid Row’s grassroots leaders, the Skid Row Brigade (SRB.) SRB is a group of Skid Row residents whose mission is to “establish an environment of safety and wellness, as well create entrepreneurial opportunities that will sustain every man, woman, and child in the Skid Row community.”

SRB and ILM decided to collaborate in development, designed to scale the Brigade’s capacity. We met with Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, so we can better understand what resources and opportunities are available. Over the nest few we met consistently, to identify and build the Brigade’s potential, as it relates to SRB’s mission.

When Opportunity meets Preparation

In recent weeks Los Angeles and the world has been arrested by COVID -19, the Corona Virus Pandemic. The Skid Row community, its unhoused residents, and environment are highly vulnerable. Our contact in the Mayor’s Office remember our efforts. He presented ILM, SRB, and a community partner a 30 day project to help ensure public health and safety are accessible in Skid Row. Over 50 hygiene stations were strategically placed, in Downtown Los Angeles. SRB will observe and report conditions of these stations, as quality control inspectors. ILM Foundation and its community partner will act as administrators by assisting the Brigade’s efforts for health, security, and protection for its community.

“Information and education has always kept the Skidrow Brigade progressing and evolving. I can say, we will still be very active, still BOOTS ON THE GROUND, but we are proud to announce that our senior Commanders will participate in a ” year long organizational restructuring process” with the ILM Foundation, as we have officially begun the platform to formed our Board of Officers” Manuel “OG” Compito ~ Skid Row Brigade.

The ILM (Intellect-Love-Mercy) Foundation is a Community Based Organization (501c3.) Our mission is “teach life skills to economically underprivileged youth and adults so that social ills are replaced with opportunities for intellectual and economic empowerment.”

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