“Save a Life, Save Humanity”

“Thank you everyone for supporting Humanitarian Day!”

Over the last  17 years during the month of Ramadan; we have observed fasting together during the sunlight hours, we’ve engaged in dialogues about life over a meal, and together we have provided charity for local communities.

As organizers, we have seen HDAY volunteers grow into today’s professional leaders. Therefore, what Humanitarian Day means to us, is simply sharing a type of dignity, love, respect that inspires everyone involved and/or those we touch.

What does Humanitarian Day means to you?  #HDAY2ME 

The following video was captured by an HDAY Leader. (((Watch))) how this man describes, what HDAY means to him. Recorded last year Sunday June 10, 2018 …

How 2 Get Involved

    1. Using the hashtag #HDAY2ME
    2. Consider what values about Humanitarian Day you’ve experienced, something you can share.
    3. Create meaningful content to share on social media
      • Recall on any good experience to simply express dignity, love, respect for people.
      • Join this mindful campaign to Inspire Gradual Change.

#HDAY2018 Awareness, Adovcacy, Action!



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