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ILM Foundation’s (ILM) mission is to teach life skills to economically underprivileged youth and adults so that social ills are replaced with opportunities for intellectual and economic empowerment.” 

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2017-18 Accomplishments in Los Angeles

Community Organizing … We began organizing in 2010 with LA Voice. Since we have mobilized residents in Greater Los Angeles and have inspired other organizations to developed a community organizing strategy for inspirational community changes. Today ILM is considered as advisory and a thought-leader for social change and leadership development in Los Angeles.

Community Accountability …. Is a Lab approach that creates awareness and train community members. Our approach creates a reciprocal learning experience between lab facilitators and its participants. We use personal narratives fusing it with experience, to develop relevant applications for social justice. In this sense we taught how to truly engage law enforcement and how to counteract social ills; from a South LA perspective. ILM partnered with local South Los Angeles agencies and grassroots leaders for a tenacious dialogue with Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD;)  as it concerns the future of community policing in South Los Angeles. See here

Provide Direct Services and Awareness for Homelessness … Over the last six years Los Angeles homelessness escalated 75%. ILM Foundation converts charity into Awareness-Advocacy-Action. Since 2001, Humanitarian Day (HDAY) invites Southern Californians to perform actions of good deeds that instill goodness in several locations in So-Cal. Our network the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD) is a network of volunteers, organizations, and institutions who share resources for humanitarian projects and policy change. Our efforts in Orange County introduced a new service model, that increased HDAY’s capacity to serve in Santa Ana. See here


P.S. “Our vision for 2019 is to build ILM Foundation’s stake in social responsibility.  Please help us further the aforementioned strategies that empowers the people. Your contribution will  help us achieve and  encourage ILM’s “Will and Ability” to transform urban Los Angeles’ and beyond. Since 1998, we have utilized tools of Intellect-Love-Mercy to effectively train volunteers, guide community partners, reach high-risk youth in making better life choices, and build  more stronger-trustworthy relationships with local leadership.”