“Go Beyond the Salaams” Listening Campaign

“We do not have one community, we have communities…” said by a Muslim Sister during a leaders’ gathering in 2011.

<Who are we, beyond As’salaamu alaykum?>

Ummah is the proper Arabic word for “community.” Both, the Indigenous and American Muslims have experienced western world dynamics and its politics, which have play a deep role in our lives and has deeply affected our Islamic faith tradition. The West acknowledges the Islamic faith but for whatever reasons the diaspora of Muslims in America still face; hate speech, racism, and Islamophobic actions. Muslims have made significant progress, our voice is still marginalized while individuals have made meaningful contributions as an indigenous asset.

This experience has affected American Muslim communities in various dimensions; especially on the democratic and republican platforms of power. Muslim America consists of organizations in policy, civil/ human rights organizations, community – based institutions, education, healthcare, business, wealthy families… etc. However, this cast has yet to “establish weight with justice” that protects its collective body from “falling short in the balance.” The objective is to successfully create a voice that represents health, security, and protection as one community sharing its power.

“Power is the product of the relationship” /PICO Principle/

Who is holding the Muslims’ power? In order to engage and identify our collective potential. We must properly assess our needs and values through exploration by having intentional dialogue, so we can effectively develop a collective vision.  This will help those, who are interested and willing in becoming a strategic voice. Instead of, individuals and orgs struggling for unity and solidarity. We can achieve a higher mindsight – an ethical identity established on paper based on its people’s integrity.

I.L.M. Foundation and its network intends on building a stronger community though community organizing. By conducting 1:1s with its community stakeholders ~ it is a necessary effort, that must occur. Using the “1:1” as an effective tool for dialogue, we can better explore and assess common interests. In hope, to strengthen community leaders in the following areas… policy, civil/ human rights, community, religious, education, healthcare, business, entertainment and etc. I.L.M. Foundation’s first action as community organizers in Los Angeles was in 2011. Since we have continued building and expanding our efforts ~ Please join this Campaign.

 POP: Use the following steps to conduct an 1:1

Purpose of the 1:1

  • Take a deep dive, to learn more about one’s needs and values.
  • Help grow and build the American Muslim presence.
  • Build stronger connections, for 2022 and beyond.


  1. Perform an assessment of … policy, civil/ human rights, community, religious, education, healthcare, business, entertainment works. We can learn what is needed and/or what is no longer needed to better perform our work.
  2. Help to strengthened organizational capacity for a better understanding…
    1. of its constituency, followers, or base.
    2. Muslim needs and values.
  3. Develop and Build leaders for lobbying on local, state venues, and within the Federal Halls of Justice.
  4. Ask and inquire for prerequisites, at creating a collective vision that better support us.
  5. Strengthen communal and individual relations.
  6. Organize our needs and values, so it can effectively represent Muslim communities.


  1. Ground in empathy, this will expand comprehension.
  2. Schedule a 1:1 with someone who aligns with your work. Start off by presenting your title, discuss your interest, and the purpose for having this meet.
  3. Share your own story – Why you are doing this type of work.
  4. Actively listen to one another’s story.
  5. Ask 1-2 strategic open-end questions i.e. “How can our communities better establish a stronger – more effective presence?”
  6. Be enthusiastic, vulnerable, passionate, and show interest. Hopefully this approach will create and lead to a larger community dialogue.
  7. Learn more, contact Umar Hakim-Dey, and Start your own listening campaign in your community.

I.L.M. Foundation is 501c3 community based organization in South Los Angeles.

We express our mission through community organizing, Youth mentorship, and stand as an advocate for the unhoused.

Click here for ILM’s 2021 and Vision for 2022