New Locations ~ New Service Models for Humanitarian Day 2017! “We are People Helping People” This year we are focusing on the volunteer and our family’s well-being. Please register and Join Us ~ Share with a Friend!

Every year we are excited to announce Humanitarian Day (HDAY,) the peak of this excitement is for Ramadan ~ 30 days of devotion and fasting. It is the specific reason why HDAY was established during this month. We convert charity into health fairs for the homeless. The last 18 years the ILM Foundation and its network the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD) have practices the act of Neighborly Needs, by providing social and direct services.

Humanitarian Day is an effort between volunteers, organizations, and institutions who share resources for humanitarian projects. So we ask our family, neighbors, and friends to support and join this pious effort to serve. Let’s continue this effort, please DONATE TODAY or LAUNCH GOOD

Pasadena, CA. | TBA La Canada Muslim Community and Masjid Taqwa

Inland Empire, CA. | Sahaba Initiative Saturday June 17, 2017

Long Beach, CA. | Masjid Al Shareef

South Los Angeles, CA. | Islah LA

Oakland, CA. | Delivery Service Caravan in the City of Oakland

Santa Ana, CA. | Islamic Center of Santa Ana and Orange County Islamic Foundation Saturday June 17, 2017

DTLA 18th Annual Humanitarian Day Sunday June 18, 2017 NEW LOCATION TBA!

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