HDM Family 2 - Sara

Dire need can often go undetected for months or even years. It is assumed a smile reflects happiness, but in some cases it is a social habit to hide shame. In Morocco, the main safety net from poverty is family. According to UNESCO 2014 international education report, Morocco ranked 143 among 164 countries. Also, a Worldfocus news report confirmed that 24 orphans are abandoned daily. Humanitarian Day representatives (HDR) understood these facts and local customs. They were sophisticated enough to see pass the smiling faces. The target population lived in the Mohamadi District in Casabalanca. Here the safety net for many has been ripped due to the lack of education, employment and hope. Humanitarian Day Morocco entered some of these homes and was received like a family member. It provided a month’s worth of food supply to several widows and families with disabled dependents. Sara Jararri, HDM representative said, “Everyone was so happy to receive help during Ramadan where guest and family visit daily. But what made some cry was knowing the help came from someone who cared so far away, Alhamdullah for the HDay Family”.