ILM Foundation’s whose mission is teaching life skills, to replace social ills. Over the years ILM has been able to empower, reach, and teach its urban community through leadership development. Now ILM is furthering its social entrepreneurial efforts, with INKERIJ; which is a leadership design agency whose mission is to provide comprehensive next steps for leaders in areas of civic engagement, design an effective millennial nonprofit sector, and to encourage positive acts as a social media thought leader for change.”

For the next six weeks, INKERIJ will facilitate a course designed to identify and develop Safe Communities Initiative (SCI) and its leaders to design, not only a personal but an organizational mission/ vision that will strengthen leaders in South Los Angeles, Inglewood, Compton, Long Beach, and the Inland Empire. The objective is to become a more effective social network of community leaders, and organizations who are fighting the ills of apathy and self helplessness in urban communities. INKERIJ is a social-preneurial effort that covers Dialogue, Leadership Design, and Social Media content. Like us, here INKERIJ