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ILM Foundation is proud of “Celebrating 23 Ramadans of Humanitarian Day!” The first event ILM Foundation coordinated was the “International Day for the Family”. The event was held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena hosting over 10,000 guests from all background and faiths. Since our inception we have coordinated some of the best humanitarian memorable moments during Ramadan. In 2011 we transformed our coalition building philosophy into community organizing – a shift into building a “collective-power” with other Los Angeles faith leaders. We are focused on human development, upon new strategies and opportunity in the making.

ILM’s vision is to become a humanitarian organization that can achieve serving others indiscriminately without desiring anything in return. The concept of sacrifice, loving for others what you love for yourself must be re-injected into our communities in order to reverse the decay and began the healing process to overcome hatred and poverty. We must therefore, feed the Intellect, admonish with mercy and reach out with love. ILM Foundation is extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve you and pray G-d accepts our effort.

ILM Foundation