Through our grass-roots activities, we began to see certain indicators regarding social life being affected by public policies. These indicators point to systematic problems where a strategic partnership could analyze, create action and then address them in solidarity with other Angelinos. As a result of this collaboration, we now have a formal partnership with local organizer LA Voice PICO.

LA Voice PICO is a coalition of volunteers, organizations, and institutions all seeking social justice for urban residents of the Greater Los Angeles area. We teach and build individuals’ capacity to tap their hidden potential, and use it for their own sustainability, and for the Los Angeles community as a whole.

Recent Shared Wins

    • Proposition 47, through which six non-violent crimes were reduced back to misdemeanor status. Funding was redirected/released to drug rehab and social services for the recently released, which supports more schools and less prisons in the State of California.
    • The Los Angeles Fair Hiring Ordinance, commonly know as “Ban the Box.” This ordinance removed the felony box from employment applications, which had created a form of discrimination against deserving women and men seeking job opportunities that sustain their lives.
    • The Responsible Banking Ordinance, which holds Los Angeles banking institutions more accountable to local residents.

    Community organizing is a powerful tool to build leadership, create effective social networks, and find strategic ways to express a community’s overall vision. We are a Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity working to preserve the American identity in all of its related aspects.