ILM white backgound

ILM Foundation work is trans formative, Umar Hakim, former executive director of ILM Foundation, is currently the founder and director of an impact advisory company called Inkerij. He started as a Humanitarian Day volunteer in 2005.

Dawah 2000’s leader and consultant, Naim Shah Sr., is quoted as saying, “Imam Saadiq and ILM extended my community service life to well over 40 years. I started in 1962 helping people and now today I am doing the same thing because of opportunities with ILM Foundation.”

In conclusion, ILM is working very hard to identify how the people we serve are impacted by the new trends, technology and policies that are surfacing in America and beyond. ILM’s main interest is to focus on quality of care, good governance, transparency and accountability. This formulates ILM’s organizational character, and we hope that our foundation is worthy of your support and consideration.