ILM believes education and entrepreneurship are key factors for economic sustainability. Imam Saadiq Saafir, ILM Founder, said; “Economic Dignity is the essence for human and community development “.  If you are interested in the establishment of a South LA Muslim Business Fund, please fill out this —–> Business Development Survey.

Our operations are based in South Los Angeles, which is Transit Zone Slate –Z, (1) where a high percentage of African American Muslims who reside,  also known for its roots as an entrepreneurial community. As former members of the Nation of Islam in Los Angeles they owned and operated; restaurants, bakeries, security companies, grocery and clothing stores, cleaners, consultant groups, schools, production studios, transportation services, an international trade company and more!

The Quran promotes entrepreneurship with verses that reads, “Man shall have nothing but what he strives for and that the fruit of his striving will come to sight.” (2) This project will help to revitalize and promote this spirit through entrepreneurship and business development. Umar Ibn Al Khattab said, “O poor people lift up your heads and engage in trade, for the way is clear and do not be dependent on people.” (3)   The survey requested will provide vital information to effectively launch this community effort.

The poverty rate of South LA Transit Zone Slate – Z is 46% and the unemployment rate is 12%. Nationally, 50% of African American workers are employed at jobs paying under $15 an hour. (4) ILM believes that entrepreneurship can lead to a higher level of self-confidence, work ethic, business acumen and collective buying power. Filling out the “ILM Business Development Survey” is the first step in the Muslim Community’s effort to work along with other organizations to revitalize South LA.

Over the years, ILM and its community partners both recognised community value, and what it takes to sustain it. This is a faithful attempt to restore value within a resilient community, for a sustainable lifestyle. We are excited to present entrepreneurs this survey, and especially learn more about the South Los Angeles community.

Business Development Survey

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1 – The South Los Angeles Transit Empowerment Zone (SLATE-Z) refers a specific area of South L.A. where a coalition of elected officials, public agencies, community-based organizations, schools, universities, and business associations are working together to revitalize the area by moving residents to economic opportunity. For more information Click here

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