Humanitarian Day was established by ILM Foundation in association with the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity in 2001.
ILM founders established the Humanitarian Day Training Institute (HDTI) to qualify its trainees to coordinate HDAY events and other community projects year round. With over 20 years of experience, we understand the hard and soft skills required to successfully implement and maintain such community efforts. HDTI trainers are both Muslim and non-Muslim from the following industries: talent development, project management, accounting, health care, and IT. Our first cohort was launched in preparation of HDAY 2023. Trainees are involved in all aspects of the planning, designing, delivery, and reporting of the current HDAY Ramadan event. From this year forward trainees from HDTI will be responsible for coordinating the HDAY Ramadan project with the support from HDTI alumni, HDAY pillars, and HDTI trainers. As founders, we are excited about institutionalizing our knowledge. We pray that the community finds value in its contribution as they have Humanitarian Day.