Humanitarian Day Training Institute presents Monday, April 10th, from 10 to 11 am, an engaging interactive volunteer orientation facilitated by the Skid Row BrigadeAll HDAY participants are invited, please register through the Zoom link here:


Skidrow Brigade is known as, one of the best volunteer units in Downtown Los Angeles. They understand the true history of the Skidrow community, its political landscape, and work to change the mind-set of community residents through positive energy, efforts and results.

Training Moderator: Lynne Price-Compito, MPA, JD, CEO, Skid Row Brigade

Lead Trainer: OG Compito, Founder of OGs N Service Association


About Ramadan OG shared… “While every day we pray, ask for forgiveness of our sins, asking for guidance, wisdom and understanding. Ramadan is a great, intense reminder of sacrifice and giving during our self-evaluation.  I look to purge myself of any greed and unnecessary hatred”.

 OG reminds us…… of the importance of developing quality leadership that can function independently as a team. Involve the youth, discipline them, give them direction and hope, is something we must do in order to be part of the future.