” UMMA Clinic learned from Humanitarian Day how to do community medicine in a meaningful way”
By, Dr. Khaliq Siddiq, Co-Founder UMMA Clinic.
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What is Community Medicine described by Dr. Khaliq?
By community medicine, I mean providing health services in a manner that’s most needed by people. While medical services are available in the broader community, they are not always accessible. Provider and staff shortages have impacted the ability of community clinics to offer broad range of services. This approach is well aligned with the general Humanitarian Day mission: providing direct services to those in need. Using public health principles of managing chronic conditions and equally important preventing disease in the first place, we want to meet members where they are available (minimize barriers to accessing health services). The services we provide include blood pressure and diabetes screening and management, basic wound care service, dental care, point of care HIV testing, and general health education.