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Dr. Altaf, co-founder of UMMA Community Clinic, attended the first major planning meeting for Humanitarian Day in 2001. Imam Saadiq, founder of ILM Foundation, called this group that gathered the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD). Anything the homeless received from CPHD, was to be considered as their right and not a favor.

UMMA symbolized to the homeless, a right to accessible health care. UMMA understood the threat of hypertension, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, asthma, and other illnesses that resulted from living on the streets. Dr. Altaf saw Humanitarian Day as a vehicle to reach this population. An UMMA Mobile Clinic Unit was established on the grounds of Humanitarian Day, working out of tents crammed with health professionals and medical equipment to serve a humanity no longer forgotten.

Since 2001, UMMA has served thousands of homeless children, veterans, disabled and elderly patients. This contribution by UMMA over the past 16 years has truly been invaluable and is an example of their commitment to the well-being of the undeserved.


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We acknowledege the UMMA Clinic for its excellence, during Muslim Hertiage Month here in Los Angeles. “Thank You for An Opportunity to Serve!