A phenomenal leader, teacher, trainer, and community builder. In addition to founding ILM, he co-founded Masjid Ibaadillah, Common Ground Muslim – Jewish Dialogue, and the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California.
Imam Saadiq Saafir
Founder and Board Member
He directed ILM’s education and publication division, the most talented ILM public speaker. His advisory ensures ILM’s work reflects its mission and vision. He urges management to maintain a healthy balance between family and work.
Hanafi Shakur
Co-founder Board Chairman
A critical thinker, visionary, lead trainer, strategist, and entrepreneur. He has traveled the globe establish ILM projects making it a life mission.
Naim Shah Jr.
CPA, M.Ed – Co-Founder
He has two master degrees in business management and education. He is truly an institution of generosity. His knowledge of internal controls, policies, and procedures are areas of major benefit for ILM.
Mudessir Mohammad
MBA, M.Ed – ILM Board Member
He is one of the premier community financial specialists with at masters of taxation from USC and an IRS enrolled agent. ILM benefits greatly from his accounting and tax knowledge to stay compliant with all relevant agencies.
Rodrick Blair MBT
EA – ILM Board Member


Responsible for the implementation of ILM’s overall goals and objectives according to its strategic plan, mission, and vision. Sometimes seen as overly passionate in love with his work.
Naim Shah Jr.
CPA, M.Ed, Co-Founder Director
With years of event planning experience, she brings ILM energy, innovative ideas, with a high level of empathy for those we serve in the community.
Tayyibah Muhammad
Event Planner
He has a Masters and currently pursuing a Ph.D. His team operates in 5 districts in Togo serving a diverse population. The young talent he has developed since we started in 2015 is remarkable.
Yusuf Inoussa Foudou
HDI Director Togo
He has a degree in Education and co-founder of Sustainable Aid Foundation Malwai. His team manage food distributions, annual Qurbani projects, and Ramadan iftar, orphans, and home development sustainable projects
Murshad Ibrahim
HDI Director Malawi
Manages ILM general operations and project development to ensure its successful implementation and impact. He has a wonderful ability to simplify complex task.
Hanif Madyun
Director of Programs
She is a rare talent with a combination of writing, speaking, and social media skills that adds value to all ILM projects. She is a great team player, profession and really about her business.
Bayinnah K. Shah
Networking requires dedication, excellent manners, precise timing, and a great reputation that she has maintained in over 20 years of working in the community. Her skills help move ideas into reality which impact lives. It is great to have her representing ILM in so many important spaces.
Qiyamah Aquil
Community Outreach Director
She has a degree in business and overseas operations in Ghana with her management team Abdullah Hussien and Abubakar Abdulmalik. They enjoy the smiles they create on the orphans, widows, students, and eldery they service with food and daily necessities support.
Aisha Ishaq
HDI Director Ghana