Humanitarian Day Oakland

MU’EED has been a part of the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity coordinating Humanitarian Day founded by the ILM since 2009. HDAY is a special Charity event during the month of Ramadan. HDAY events serve the unhoused and undeserved in our local communities. In Alameda county alone which includes Oakland, there are over 6,000 people sleeping outside on any given night.

The 16th Annual Humanitarian Day Oakland will take place at Lighthouse Mosque. The event will start at 10:30 am. Those interested in volunteering please fill out the following volunteer form.


HDAY 2024 Pomona

This year Humanitarian Day in Pomona took place on Saturday, 3/23/2024. The efforts were headed by ILM Foundation’s Pomona Team: “A Couple of Brothers” and included a combination of hygiene kits, water, and hot meals. A total of 60 bags were distributed to those in need, alhamdulillah. The delicious Halal hot meals were provided by Br. Alejandro of Ariyaki Hibachi in Riverside, CA. 

This Humanitarian Day, “A Couple of Brothers” crew decided to provide some of the best quality and most popular food possible out of respect and dignity for our people in need locally. The hygiene kits included two rolls of toilet paper each, hand sanitizers, toothbrushes/toothpaste, soap, socks, feminine items, and more.

“A Couple of Brothers” (which includes a little sister!) has been providing goods to the homeless and needy community in Pomona and surrounding areas on a monthly basis focusing on food, hygiene items, and winter clothing depending on the greatest need. Stay tuned for more, inshaa Allah!



Rooted in Service Powered by Faith the 24th Annual Humanitarian Day of Action aims to build community by strengthening our faith service ILM Foundation (Intellect-Love-Mercy). leads HUMANITARIAN DAY (HDAY) event on Sunday, March 24, 2024, serving people experiencing homelessness in honor of Ramadan.

The ILM Foundation established Humanitarian Day during the Holy Month of Ramadan to uplift the unhoused. Through their efforts, they aim to spread awareness about housing insecurity and encourage individuals to make a positive impact by volunteering to distribute essential supply bags with UMMA Clinic offering health screenings. Humanitarian Day Ramadan Campaigns marks the beginning of ILM’s annual distribution goal of 10,000 essential packages in Los Angeles, Oakland Mu’eed, Pomona (A Couple of Brothers), and Pasadena (R.E.B.O.U.N.D.).

Event: Humanitarian Day
Save the Date: Sunday, March 24, 2024
PDF Flyer: 2024 PDF Flyer Rooted in
Service Powered by Faith
Time: 9 am – 1 pm
Where: Gladys Park Los Angeles (6th and Gladys Street)
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