With years of event planning experience, she brings ILM energy, innovative ideas, with a high level of empathy for those we serve in the community.

percentage of orphans are being raised outside the family social safety net. According to the Ghana Demographic and Health Survey 16% of children under the age of 15 is not living with either parent. See full report here

ILM approaches this cause as an athletic team. The orphans are the all-stars; the ILM staffs are the team’s coaches, and sponsors VIPs. VIPs provide funds for their wellness, education, food, clothing, supplies, transportation, and recreation. That their coaches are responsible to allocate, monitor, and. evaluate throughout the year. The annual all-start sponsorship is $50 a month

Coaches also conduct home and school visits,  annual independent academic assessments, national governmental testing cost support, and mentorship. Become a VIP Orphan All Star Sponsor by completing the form.