ILM allocates Zakat to qualifying Muslims living in Southern California. ILM has directly distributed Zakat to this population since 1998 which includes individuals, families, students, elderly, sick, inmates, and handicapped Muslims. ILM is a true grassroots organization with a professional administrative and financial management team. Sheikh Ayub S. Haroun is ILM’s Islamic studies consultants. He is currently a Muslim Chaplain with master’s degree in Islamic studies and Arabic.  His main role is to ensure ILM is Zakat compliant.

Over 2 million people in Los Angeles County face food insecurity (source LA Foodbank).  The California Endowment sponsored poll in 2022, revealed that young adults in Los Angeles are under extreme strain. 86% of those polled stated the main reasons include the cost of housing, cost of college, lack of well-paying jobs, and the cost of healthcare (source LA Times). The Los Angeles Muslim community that ILM serves also suffers from these identical challenges and nearly 85% qualify for Zakat. Using Zakat funds to target this population can also positively impact the reduction of the high rates of food insecurity, anxiety, and negative impact from the high housing cost.

Your Local Zakat at Work

image Improve the intra-faith community relations
image Increase the circulation of Zakat locally
image Improve religious celebrations for Muslim inmates
image Reduce the cost of basic necessities
image Improved the local community wellbeing