Deep Water Wells

Water is a source of dignity for every home from cleaninig, cooking, to drinking. Be about saving lives with safe sources of water.

Deep Water Wells

Increasing Untapped Natural Water Sources

Borehole Deep Mechanized Water Wells

Ghana land is drying causing a greater dependence on unsafe water. Climate change has a number of consequences like rising global temperature, food insecurity, and droughts on the environment and human lives.


The average cost of quality deep bore drilling is $2,500. The cost include drilling, borehole construction, quality pump, pipes, technicians, device installation, plumbing services, quality analysis, transportation, testing, and treatment services if necessary.

A borehole is a safe self-sufficient water source for homes, farms and businesses. It requires a deep hole to be drilled down to the water source, the sides of the well are secured, and a pump is installed to draw the water to the surface via some gas, electrical, and or solar power supply.


Improve community’s basic access to safe drinking water.

Limit the walking round trip time to access safe drinking water to 30 minutes or less.

Replace community unimproved unprotected dug wells and springs.