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Feed2Eid detail page

ILM Foundation’s Feed2Eid (F2E) food boxes are distributed in Ghana, Togo, and Malawi. Each box is filled with essential food items customary for that region. The cost for one box is $150. Food prices in developing countries have skyrocketed. According to the World Food Program, 135 million suffer from acute hunger largely due to man-made conflicts, climate change and economic downturns. Fighting hunger aligns with the United Nations 2nd Sustainable Goal of Zero Hunger. F2E boxes are aimed to feed a family of five, thirty healthy meals over a month. The impact is always greater because the direct beneficiaries share food with neighbors, orphans living with the family, and relatives.

F2E Food Items List Includes:

  • Rice – Maize / Corn - Beans
  • Sugar - Tea Bags
  • Beans - Tomato Paste
  • Dry, smoked, and or canned fish
  • Seasoning - Cooking Oil
  • Baking Flour - Powdered Milk
  Eid celebration support is added to reduce caregiver stress easing the path to the joy of Eid brings. Mr. Yunus, Togo site director said Feed2Eid is about feeding and feeling happy. Eid New Clothing Item list includes:
      • Jeans - Tee Shirt
      • Shoes - Sanders
      • Local fabric - Scarfs
      • Custom children dresses and outfits
      • Occasionally Hats
      • Girls Dresses
      • Custom Women & Men outfits
F2E is an anti-hunger and poverty initiative emphasizing dignity, self-confidence, support of local businesses, and community cohesion. F2E fights hunger so those served can remain resilient in the face of many difficulties. It symbolizes an economic stimulus to local store owners, cooks and seamstresses. It is a program to uplift the most vulnerable, elderly, widows, orphaned, and disabled.